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New Year New Me

2016-12-30 19:22:43 by Eggabeg

Pft, nah I'm still guna be a procrastinating wanker :B


But heres something new I'm working on at least!! 



Lack of Updates

2016-09-17 05:02:00 by Eggabeg

Apologies for no uploads lately! I had a comic convention at the end of August and got some work to do off the back of it! It was all personal stuff / caricatures of people so I tend not to upload any of it unless it's a friend and I know they're not guna freak out about it!

But it's all done now, so I'll try to get some more stuff uploaded soon!

New Compilation

2016-06-15 11:05:57 by Eggabeg

And this time its guna be Overwatch!



Animation nearing completion

2016-05-06 16:03:45 by Eggabeg

And before schedule!


Lack of Activity

2016-04-29 15:18:13 by Eggabeg

Apologies for the lack of uploads lately, all deadlines for Uni related work falls on May 24th and theres still plenty to do!

Once It's done though I'm going to be focusing on some more 'Ravana' style compositions of games that have really sparked some interest during my procrastination times, MGS 5, Overwatch, Black Desert and Undertale come to mind as possible candidates! 

Look forward to it! 

Animation insanination

2016-03-19 17:09:48 by Eggabeg!! 


Dissertation Done!

2016-01-08 12:33:44 by Eggabeg

Am so happeh. Like so. SO. Happeh.

Dissertation Despair

2015-12-28 07:28:57 by Eggabeg

Seriously someone just end it all, I'd rather sleep on a bed of Legos than carry on this ballache, how the hell is some 8000 list of bullshit going to help my portfolio anyways? 


On a lighter note, hope you all had a great Christmas and continue on to a great New Years, I would've done some smutty fan service pic if I wasn't so anally ruptured over this fuck knuckle of illeterate sprew that is my attempt at essay writing ... that's due in 10 days now. Yeah, lovely that, "Have a great winter holiday and ,er, don't forget to not enjoy any of it because this shite hawk of a cluster twat is due when your all back!" ~ Bath Spa University 

Upcoming biggun

2015-12-12 20:40:44 by Eggabeg

Got a biggie brewing, this is only the first half of it (and it's still not done TT_TT)




2015-11-02 19:49:49 by Eggabeg

So I've been dicking about on GTA V lately, and made a crew :v

I also made an emblem of my avatar with their lil shape tool! was fun!!

Let me know if you wana join in!